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Hello, curious ones. I’m Haakon, the creator of the ETspecies concept.

A few years ago, I found myself exploring real extraterrestrials and I only came across bad drawings, or clipart depicting the E.Ts. It was frustrating, and during the Covid time, I decided to take it upon myself to teach myself the skills of 3D design. I really felt that someone needed to take it upon themselves to render these beings with a realistic approach! After that, I become the first designer to ever do real E.T design in 3D based on the advanced knowledge I had about the topic.


That’s why I started ETspecies– a solution to the problems we face when it comes to visualizing in an authentic way- Now people will have a better understanding f them. By simply doing various research and then creating these characters in 3D, I’ve helped people a lot with understanding what the real Ets really look like and given people that talk about this to use my images the illustrate their stories in the best possible way.  

I feel it's my duty to contribute to the disclosure movement by sharing what I have learned about the UFO occupants and their true agendas through visual representations. But you may be wondering how we can name the species and races. Its often based on the location and origins of the races. Sometimes what we call them is simply because they’re descriptive, like Nordics. On occasion, E.T sources provide us with their own names, but many are way too hard to pronounce.

To get an overview of the agendas, time scope, and diversity of interactions, I will first briefly explain the history behind the E.T-scenario that we have been dealing with for some time now, and then explain some of the alliances. I’ll try to explain the exopolitical landscape so that people will be able to relate to these topics. I believe that having access to information explaining the current situation is a human right. New information and intelligence are constantly being received, which may result in contradictory information, errors, or gaps in the picture I am about to paint. However, I will stick to my current understanding of UFO/E.T topic. It has turned into a minefield, with so much mis info and dis-info planted all over. My opinions are, therefore, always subject to change. But I always listen, never dismiss anything, but store the information to see if it matches other information I get. I learned never to take a stand on certain topics, but rather to use my resonance ability.  In no way do I claim to know all the facts, and I am well aware that people subscribe to various types of narratives and worldview beliefs, all of which are dependent on what resonates with you personally. My approach is to take in all available information - regardless of source or intel method - and cross-check it with other sources. I’ve done a lot of research, and I’m aware that it may not be possible to prove this scientifically, but the goal is to pique your interest. Life is the greatest mystery of all, and I try to piece together a fictitious picture of how and why we got here. But, above all, I want to create the most authentic representation of genuine Extra-Terrestrials (also known as E.T) and explain how they relate to us and each other.

The majority of the information presented comes from leaked unofficial/official documents, whistleblower testimonies, witness descriptions, interviews with experiencers/contactees and self-claimed hybrids and photo/video evidence, among other sources. I also have information from personal channeling sessions with “The Arcturian Collective,” as well as other channelers, tarot readers, clairvoyants, and remote viewers.

The most important source is personal conversations with people who’ve had experiences with these beings

This book contains earth shattering information that may cause reality distortions. I strongly advise you to research any points in this book that you are unsure about. 

For entertainment purposes only.

Introduction to Extra Terrestrials

We as humans have an urge to understand if ET life can be trusted or distrusted by us. It’s a minority complex we the humans have, always assuming that anything unknown is superior to us. Defining ETs is difficult because there are races and species. Races can be genetic hybrids of all sorts of species, but species will only refer to the base template of the lifeform.


Everything is not black and white as there are hundreds of different races here. Some are just observing, some are defending their own «territory» as they truly believe they own the earth. Some of them need to fix their genetics by trading technology with Terran human DNA. And those we deem to be malevolent races; they use us as cattle so they can feed off our energy and flesh. But the purest want to teach us about our true galactic history, spirituality, technology, and peace. They claim that we can mature spiritually and join them into higher densities where negative energy is less compatible.


Some beings exist in other «densities» which are basically the individual perceptions of a dimension. This depends on our level of consciousness. We exist in 3rd density and most of the ET´s reside on densities above this because they are more evolved.  They exist just outside our spectrum of perception. In our sector of the galaxy, there are several types of E.T’s that have the humanoid form. The upraised walking five-star template humanoid come in many shapes and types; however, The humanoid archetype is the most common template in our galaxy. The basic templates are Aquatic, Mammalian, Grey, Reptilian, avian, insectiod and Human.  So when we encouter wierd looking creatures its usually a gentic mix of these.


Most life is carbon-based and oxygen-breathing c lifeforms, and this may be related to why there are similarities between these But there are E.T´s and our Earthly animals. It’s a complicated matter, but it’s based on very simplistic fundamental laws of physics, genetics, consciousness, and quantum science.

We should also differentiate between Alien and Extra-Terrestrial. Alien is something that is unknown to us. For example, the Greys are defined as alien, but the humanoid species is only defined as Extra-Terrestrial. So what is in ways not linked to us, or foreign, is defined as Alien, and Extra-terrestrial simply means “off-world”. Some people have a slightly different definition: An Extra-terrestrial is not an alien. An alien is an alien. Extra-terrestrials are representatives of light, protectors of life, and lovers of the planets. An extra-terrestrial is a responsible citizen of the cosmos, not a foreigner adrift among the stars. They are indigenous to any planet they happen to be on by virtue of their citizenship, regardless of their planet of origin. Maybe both of the definitions are valid?

Also, remember that all appearances are neutral. It's our visual associations that paint the picture of good or bad. But when you meet an E.T, you will feel their energy signature. And we have to assume that there are individuals like us, some are more ego-oriented while others are more on the service to others oriented. Galactic racism is just as bad as earth racism.

First off, there are reasons for this information to be kept secret from the public. However, a lot of the following content is known within the upper layers of the military, royal circles, political elite, industrial leaders, and religious institutions. There has come to be a consensus of some sort to keep us in the dark about the Extra-Terrestrial presence.

NB: I have many sources of information, andI try to crosscheck where possible. I would like to thank those who have sacrificed so much and written or created podcasts on the topic of ETs. Lately, there has been serious infiltration by negative entities and factions taking place in the alternative community - of which I am a part. This causes doubt about the legitimacy of some of the content most of us believed to be authentic. All we can do is to use discernment and connect to your resonance abillity. 

Beneath I have listed most of my sources, that all have a part of the puzzle.

Thanks to these sources



  • Alien Races Russian DOC - Leaked PDF Online

  • Extraterrestrial Species Almanac

  • The Omega File - Leaked PDF Online

  • Blue Planet Project - Leaked PDF Online

  • The Branton Files - Leaked PDF Online

Channelings, telepathy & other mental com techniques:

  • Bashar (Darry Anka)

  • Arcturian Collective (Douwe Beerda)

  • Adronis & Spirit (Brad Johnson)

  • Taygethans (Cosmic Agency) ()Old stuff)

  • Sam the illusionist (Old stuff)

  • Tarot by Janine

  • Canadian Awareness

  • Super Soldier Talk

  • Laura eisenhower

  • Gaia TV

  • Initiation-Matias De Stefano

  • Cosmic disclosure

  • Youtube Channels:

  • Elena Danaan- A gift to humanity- Alien races (Early parts)

  • Megan Rose

  • Brad Johnson

  • Illiana-  Star traveler

  • Cosmic Agency - (Early parts)

  • Super Soldier Program

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