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If you have had an extraordinary experience that made a huge impact on your life, it could be wise to get it visualized so that your memories don't get distorted. You may find it to become easier talk with others about it when you have a picture to show and explain. 

Sure, you can get UFO and Alien images from Shutterstock and all the other mainstream channels. It might appear good enough, but is it really the way to go? Chances are that these exact images are used 1000´s of times before. How  will that compensate your article, video or presentation? You want something unique, something that shows how you were willing to go the extra mile to get noticed. I make recreations that depics what the aliens really look like, what skin type the have, the right prportions, the right outfit. And capture the essence of incidents with all the correct incidents, because I have done the work that will make your story stand out as unique and authentic. That´s my goal- To get the truth out.

People contact me to ask if I can create visuals for them! So I decided to provide a service for this. I love to create 3D renders and illustrations depicting spiritual or paranormal experiences and incidents!

If you resonate with my visuals and would like me to create your own special piece please get in touch via the contact page with a description of what you would like to have done. I will then get in touch and attempt to gather sufficient information for me to get started. And during the process I will have continuous contact during the prosess in order to tweak all the details perfectly. I will begin the artwork once the payment is completed. Usually it takes at least a week to finish a piece.

Private (Non commercial) Price:   $850. (US) or NOK 6000,-   1 x Personal digital portrait design. You will get 4 renders from various angels. PayPal invoiced, work commences upon payment.

Commercial Price:   $1600. (US) or NOK 7000,-   1 x Personal digital portrait painting. You will get 4 renders from various angels. PayPal invoiced, work commences upon payment.

The final result is 100% prosent yours, however I reserve the right to use these images for promotional purposes for my company. 

You will receive a high resolution digital .jpg and .pdf (3000px+x3000px )via email upon completion.

Go here to contact me
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