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Please remember that all appearances are neutral. It's our visual associations that paint the picture of good or bad. But when you meet an E.T, you will feel their energy signature. And we have to assume that they are individuals like us, some are more ego-oriented while others are more on the service to others oriented. Galactic racism is just as bad as earth racism.

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From the Andromeda Galaxy


The X5-TYKLUT has eyes that are more slated than small Greys. The Maytray created this inorganic or synthetic race to be used as synthetic servants for their masters. They are widely reported to conduct abductions and collect DNA samples from their victims. Furthermore, they perform extremely delicate implant procedures. Even more advanced procedures are carried out by the Maytrays, often with the assistance of the Mantis. Due to the scarcity of the material used to create these synthetic beings, there appear to be only about 300 of them.

From Zeta Reticuli


Reticulis Zeta Zeta Retuculi, the Shamptbahala of 12 stars, is home to an alien civilization. There are six for resources and six for habitation. Their planets have been depleted of resources and have become a wasteland. The Zeta Greys are cold emotionless beings with a hive mind mentality who lack spiritual balance and intergrity. They are subject to a totalitarian regime and are ruled by the Orion group and the Ciakahrr Empire. For over 60 years, the Zetas has been visiting Earth and abducting humans for various reasons. Some claim that it was their plane that deliberately crashed in the New Mexico desert in 1947. The goal was to seed technology and engage the US military in discussions about ET technology. According to sources, the Roswell ETs were able to contact their own species and arrange a meeting with Eisenhower. This contact attempt aimed to secure a deal with human representatives in order to carry out an infiltration plan on behalf of the Dracos. The deal, however, was made behind Eisenhower's back with the MJ12 group.


From Gynus


According to Elena Danaan, they come from the Aama star system in the Cygnus constellation. They have a civilization that is 2 billion years old, and there are many planets in this area that are home to these beings. They do not follow the rule of "hive mentality," unlike other grey races. It's said they had some kind of superweapon that kept the enemies at bay. The Solipsi Rai are a peaceful and benign race. They do not invade, and they have no other colonies. However, they, like many other races, have factions that go rogue or deviate from their own path. As a result, these Greys are frequently encountered in conjunction with the Ciakharr Empire, the Orion Collective, and working with the Earth's so-called deep state. Despite the fact that abductions are gradually decreasing, they continue to occur. Some of these beings have been cloned by the Maytra and Killy Tukort, giving the race a bad name. It is thought that these are one of the first Grey races, and that they are the source of Grey genetics from which hundreds of subspecies have evolved. They, like many others, have disc-shaped ships.

From Serpo in Zeta Reticuli


The Roswell E.T, later dubbed EBE1 for "Extraterrestrial Biological Entity," is the inspiration for the name EBEN. They are now residents of Planet Serpo in the Zeta Reticuli I system. According to Elena Danaan, they left their original planet, Azrata, which is also in the Zeta I Reticuli system, due to an increase in volcanic activity. Their planet's orbit was changing and it was gradually drifting closer to their sun. This was caused by interference from a nearby comet's passage. The Eben are a curious culture with a peaceful culture, calm and caring people in general. EBE's civilization has a typical lifespan of 350 to 400 years. The Eben are not Greys and do not share genetics with the other Greys of Zeta Reticuli. They are a completely different species. The majority of Grey have reptiloid DNA, but the Eben do not. They are shorter in stature than the Solipsi Ra species, reaching a maximum height of 1.30 meters. They have a small nose and a thin mouth, as well as four-fingered hands and feet. They have a benevolent appearance to them. When they leave their environment, their eyes are large and oval, green or blue, and they wear dark protective lenses. Some of them have light brown or even pale blue skin. Their skin is also very thick, like leather, because they evolved on a hot planet with harsh conditions. For cultural reasons, they prefer blue clothing. Their atmosphere was hot and carbon-rich, and it was to this environment that they adapted. They altered their new planet's atmosphere to meet this requirement. Their ships are discoidal, with high modules above and beneath, flat-roofed. In addition, it is believed that the EBENs were the occupants in one of the three crashes in New Mexico in 1947. Some speculate that it was the Zetas, but there were several crashes that year, so this is just speculation. Information from Elena Danaan's Alien Races and Len Kasten's Project Serpo.

From Vela


Kiily Tukort, also known as Tall Whites, are humanoid-looking Greys. They can grow up to 2 meters tall and live for up to 200 years, making them one of the oldest known races. They can shapeshift and are extremely difficult to detect, despite the fact that their faces are narrower and some have larger heads than humans. The only thing they can't change are the size and color of their eyes. Their black eyes are a defining feature of them! They are one of the oldest known races. They abduct humans for experimentation and work in Area 51, alongside the Dark Fleet. They have large triangular dull black ships that have been frequently sighted, particularly in the western United States.
From Pollux


In Pollux, Gemeni, their planet is called Dromna-Thestiris. It is a massive planet. This race is known as Martians, and they have had bases on Mars for thousands of years, mining a gold-like mineral. However, as we all know, Mars was destroyed. According to the book Alien Races, the first recorded visit on Earth was in 1235 BC in Japan, and they were last seen on Earth in Madagascar in 2000. They are roughly the same height as a Zeta Grey and usually wear orange outfits, if at all.

They have underground bases on Earth, such as Dulce, where they exchange technology for humans. Genes are their true currency. The Ainanna are in an alliance with the Mantra and the Reptilians, so they aren't part of the Federation. We occasionally see their ships as dull black squares or blue orbs.

From M-2 Zeta Reticuli


The Do-Hu, also known as Dows, is a grey being that originated in M-2 Zeta Reticuli. Because their planet's resources had been nearly depleted, they needed to find a new home planet. And, like many others, they were overtaken by the Orion Alliance when they ventured into the incorrect sector. The Orion group genetically modified them into a servant race that would serve as bait for their conquest of new worlds. The Dows can no longer reproduce. They have a hive mind and function essentially as drones that receive orders from a central source. Originally, they are a cross between Solipsu Rai Greys and reptilian with plant genetics! Telepathy is one of their strongest abilities. They are now quite dangerous, despite the fact that they were not previously. When the Orions and Ciakahrr order a ground invasion, thy small Dows go in and try to make treaties with the planet rulers. Then they employ the Trojan horse strategy, allowing their masterstroke to take place as soon as the guard is down. They are also directly responsible for a large number of abductions, and this is without empathy. When their genetics were altered, they lost that ability.


From Betlegeuse in Orion
The NEBU Orion Alliance includes the Ebans. We know the Eban to be one of the worst actors on the planet. They are also known as longnosed Greys by some. They are 6-9 feet tall, with elongated skulls and thin bodies. We don't know much about them, but their homeworld appears to be dull, dry, and cold. They are fairly negative in nature as members of the Alliance of Six. They collaborate with the Cabal in underground bases in Dulce and Area 51, specializing in hybridization programs and soul scalping. The latter is a heinous procedure used to steal souls and implant them in clone beings. They are doing this because they are part of a cloning program in which human souls are transferred into clones. They have 9 leaders who serve as collective mind hubs, connecting to the Orion queen in the Orion sector. According to Elena Danaan, the Galactic Federation of Worlds captured all of these nine and separated them from their Orion queen, leaving the Ebans completely befuddled and without a mission. Other sources, however, claim that this is not the case and that they are still very active. It's difficult to say at this point.
From the Andromeda Galaxy


The Maytra are an important piece of the complex puzzle that is E.T. races interacting with Earth. They are allies with the evil Orion Group and the Draco Empire. Their driving forces are rage, hatred, and destruction. They are the same height as humans, have a mean appearance, and stink horribly. Their lifespan is 120 earth years, and despite their thin appearance, they are extremely strong. These guys are also heavily involved in the abduction plot, and they are said to be the brains behind great plagues like the Black Death. They reproduce artificially and use large dark disk-shaped craft for abductions and slave trades. They have been visiting us for some time, according to Elena Danaan, in an attempt to colonize Earth. They did, however, come across other competitors such as the Anunnaki and the Dracos. Over 20 planets have been colonized by the Maytra.



From Ophiuchus.
This is an intriguing race from the constellation Ophiuchus. The Airk are extremely intelligent, kind, and respectful creatures. The Airk has the appearance of a Grey, being very slim and the height of a human, but none of the negative characteristics. Some claim they have strange abilities and can live for nearly 2000 years. The Airk are respected and are members of the Galactic Federation, despite their limited participation. They have almost transparent skin and do not breathe the earth's atmosphere. All of them are vegetarians.

From Tau Ceti 


"Emerther" is a leader alien species in the "Council of 5", which was discovered in KGB files to be a council of five extraterrestrial species that protect the Earth from other malignant aliens and our human self-destruction. The Emerther are a peaceful people. People who have met them describe them as intelligent, humorous, and generally very pleasant to be around—they live in the Cetus constellation in Tau Ceti. Their world is said to be a beautiful place of peace, spirituality, and wisdom. They resemble the Greys and are distant relatives of the Solipsu Rai. The Emerther range is only about one meter tall, with a large head and pale skin. They have large blue eyes hidden beneath dark eye covers.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is the race that came to warn Eisenhower about the Do-hu Greys and Ciakharrs agenda in 1954. Humans discarded this information, and here we are. The Emerther is a member of the "Council of Five," a group of five races that form an alliance. For as long as we can remember, these races have been protecting Earth and humans. They apparently responded to our transmission into space with the message, "Be alert and aware of the Orion group."

The famous Skinny Bob case" was said to be part of a diplomatic mission sent from a planet 40 light years away to discuss "matters of mutual concern." YouTube has purported footage of a real Emerther.

From Orion, Essasani, planet Eclipse


They are a crossbreed of Greys and humans, and are related to the Mazani, Yahyel, Shalanayah, and Plahyel. They are smaller than humans, with a maximum height of 5 feet, but they can move much faster. They have paler skin than humans and larger eyes. Males have no hair and females have white hair. Both sexes have slightly larger eyes than we do. They now use time travel to visit us in order to collect DNA in order to create a new hybrid race capable of reproducing. This will be known as the sixth hybrid race, according to them. Their planet, Essassani (Place of Living Light), is near Orion and has a population of 230 million people. Eclipse, Epiphany, and Epsilon are three AI spheres orbiting the planet. This world exists in a parallel dimension, and the inhabitants claim to live on giant ships above the planet. All advanced races have synchronistic civilizations. There is no need for governments; they operate on an individual and group basis through networks. Individuals or groups provide a necessary service in such a way that no monetary or barter system is required; everything is provided for free. Their way of life is always'very spontaneous, very joyful, and very ecstatic. They mostly merge energy fields when they want to kiss or have a baby, despite the fact that they are quasi-physical. I believe they are capable of having physical sex as well. Darry Anka channels Bashar, according to Bashar. The Sassani who have arrived are from a distant future because they need to repair their genetics. They paid the price for allowing technological advancement to run wild, while their spiritual development progressed much more slowly. They have now passed the point of no return and have effectively destroyed their own genetics. As a result, they appear to have evolved into a grey-like being. So they went back in time to kidnap people and collect vital samples in order to create a hybrid race from this time period. In this way, they believe they can reverse their faith and, in exchange for our willingness to help them, they will help us avoid making the same mistake and, at times, act as mentors and guides for how to solve life's puzzles. They have ships that are diamond-shaped or circular. The Essassani live for approximately 300 years. They die consciously, with their eyes open, at the appropriate time to move on and expand. The body does not decay; it instantly transforms back into universal energy. As previously stated, they are developing a hybrid race, which may appear fascinating. However, we must keep in mind that this could be the final takeover. I personally spoke with one well-known human hybrid who was once a part of this hybrid agenda. She jumped ship and resolved to tell the truth. And, in her opinion, the Sassani are devious in their approach. If they introduce a Grey human hybrid race into our world without our permission, it could be a Trojan horse. The Orion Greys have used this strategy before.

Gamma Virgo- Porrimo Star system


The Graysli live in Gamma Virgo, in the Porrimo Star system, on two planets that are damp and tropical in nature. Because their mission is always scientific, these Greys are not negative, but rather neutral. They have no desire to rule. They are thought to have escaped the Orion influence, unlike most grey races. The Graysli are the same height as Terran humans, and one distinguishing feature is that they have fur, light smooth hair all over. They have some reptiloid genetics, and they used to have six genders, but that has now been reduced to two. According to Elena Danaan, they wear biometric dark lenses to protect their eyes, as do most greys. They have been closely watching Earth and its development for scientific reasons, but have avoided abductions in order to avoid conflict with the NEBU and the Ciakahrr Empire, both of which believe they already own the planet.



Mintaka in Delta Orionis

They are a tall Saurian/Grey with an extremely thin torso and limbs. The Grails are from the star system Minaka, also known as Delta Orionis. Despite their frail physical appearance, they are strong and flexible due to their electric nervous system. Mintaka Grails are similar to Earth's frogs and toads in many ways. There are, however, some significant differences. They are predominantly bipedal in stature. Their smooth, hairless skin has iridescent colors that range from bright reds, oranges, and greens to yellows and browns. The eyes, unlike those of Earth's amphibians, are quite large, 'wraparound,' and bright red, orange, or greenish-yellow in color. The nose is made up of two small slits above a thin set of lips. When opened, the mouth is very large and frog-like. On either side of the head, there are two small round circles. The head is large and appears to be disproportionate to the rest of the body, while the neck appears to be absent. The body, arms, and legs are all extremely muscular. Toes and fingers are long, thin, webbed, and four in number, with small claws on the toes. They are divided into two genders. Males are slightly shorter than females and stand between 7 and 8 feet (2.13 to 2.44 meters) tall. Females are slightly taller, standing between 7.5 and 8.5 feet (2.29 to 2.59 meters). Mintakans are also distinguished by a series of three small, thin, interconnected riles that run up their backs and terminate at the tops of their heads. Despite this, they are extremely powerful. The Grails have wreaked havoc on our neighborhood star systems. They lack the ability to truly expand their empire because they lack organizational skills. Many consider them to be overly aggressive, and they avoid our Solar system because they fear confrontations with the Dracos, Maytray, or The Federation. They are technologically advanced but spiritually blind.

Grey from Alinam, Orion 


The Egaroth are a highly spiritual race who live in the Orion Belt, Alinam, 200 lightyears away from Earth. They are rare because they were nearly extinct. This is a race full of wisdom and ancient knowledge. Their skin is pale brown, and they have large heads and skinny bodies. They are not a conquering race, but rather seek peace and harmony in the universe. The Egaroth can exist in extremely high densities, up to the ninth, where they can protect themselves from negative interference. Negative energies are not possible above the sixth density. Most negative races will be unable to reach higher than the fifth density. They have the ability to shapeshift but rarely use it. They seek out areas of conflict and help to balance the energies. When it comes to their interdimensional travel abilities, they use their diamond-shaped ship. The Egaroth are Council of Five members who work with the Galactic Federation to liberate Earth. Alien Races by Elena Danaan is the source of this information.








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