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Please remember that all appearances are neutral. It's our visual associations that paint the picture of good or bad. But when you meet an E.T, you will feel their energy signature. And we have to assume that they are individuals like us, some are more ego-oriented while others are more on the service to others oriented. Galactic racism is just as bad as earth racism.

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From Sigma Draconis


This extremely dangerous race from Tiphon Ginsar in Sigma Draconis has dinosaurian genetics. They are 4-5 feet tall, with an elongated snout/face, a tail, and scales that are often yellowish, brown, and green. They appear menacing and are said to conceal their features by wearing dark robes. Using their dimensional travel abilities, they appear to be masters of mind control, black magic, and occult practices - but with very limited spiritual awareness. They despise humans and regard us as a commodity to be exploited for loosh, energy, and genetic harvesting. They regard us as cattle. They, like many other negative beings, use all of their tools to prevent us from spiritually evolving. They can summon demon-type energies by contacting the realms of the dead, which allows them to tear holes in space-time and travel more easily between our and their reality planes. They are part of the Ciakahrr Empire, and as we all know, positive energy, such as love, compassion, and healing, is the most powerful weapon against such evil beings.

Royale Draco 1.png
From Thuban in Alpha Draconis
































The Draconians are a group of many different reptilian races originate in the starcluster Alpha Draconis. The Draco were dumped into the Thuban Star system i Alpha Draconis using interdimensional portals by another superior race called the Tiamtians. It’s in their nature to crave for domination and control, and they were supposedly the first race to map the universe and are extremely powerful and arrogant. The Draconians are by many referred to as the ultimate warrior species, and they believe themselves to be the top of the food chain in the reptilian hierchy. The master Draconian race is a 18-24 feet tall white and is called Ciakharr White Royale. Another high-ranking group is the brown or green-scaled Nagai. They are warrior cast and are smaller and are less muscular than the others, but they are no joke either. Also, there is the Sigma Draconis, known for their shapeshifting abilities. Other that I can mention the Kalask, Epsilon Draco, Mazarek, Aka, Horungas and the Morkul. In addition to this there are also many genetically modified Grey-reptilians, and some positive and neutral species that are not as prominent as the ones mentioned. Their collective works as a hive-type mentality, and they are not very spiritual in nature. Within their community, they have a caste system with ranks. A warrior caste. They have engineers, scientists, workers, and warriors. They have their royalty on top that controls everything. Depicted here is the Draconian King, and many assume that this is where the legend of the Devil derives from. The Draconians have genetically intermingled so much that they have six different genders that “trend” from male to female. These different “genders” can look like different species. Since their birth they are indoctrinated with the belief that love is weak and hate is strong. At the time of birth they are abandon them to fend for themselves. Most of the time they are cared for by the warrior class that uses the children for Darwinian games of combat and amusements.

They are very intelligent and technologically advanced and masters of covert invasion tactics. The Alpha Draconians first visited earth 15000 years ago, and they honestly believe they are destined to rule our sector of the galaxy. Alpha Draconians created the primate race, which was first brought to Mars and then to Earth. The primate race was then tinkered with by many other different races. So the Alpha Draconians view humans as cattle and a resource that they can enslave and dominate. They consider us scum, not worthy of their attention even. When they will invade a planet, they usually send a less frightening race, like the Do-Hu Greys as probes first and then use them to build some sort of relationship with the indigenous species, which again allows them to enter through a backdoor. Many races have been conquered and turned into slaves mind-controlled puppets for the reptilian universal agenda. The Draconians have been in control of Earth for a long time, acting from behind the curtains, not wanting to be exposed. Another distinct thing about the Draconians is their energy signature.  Its all-consuming and can drain you very quickly. Some people say it’s like being mentally raped. They can telepathically project horror visions that can literally make you faith. When a person is subjected to torture, fear, or suffering, they will release a mix of chemicals into their bloodstream (Adrenochrome) and energetically charge it with those negative emotions. The Dracos love it. Yes, so they are truly evil from our point of view. Their masterful deception and manipulation skills make humans do the most horrendous things to each other. And that’s what they want. To keep our vibration low so they can feed of our negative energy we call loosh. In order to gain full control, they play the long game. They have no rush since they live for 1800 -4100 years. There are two massive underground caverns in Antarctica that hold huge, highly populated cities. The number of Draconians in our solar system is comparable to Earth’s own visible population of 7 billion people, however, they are being removed rapidly by the Galactic Federation, which is completely necessary at this point.



From Alpha Draconis










They arrived here 15000 years ago, and some of them fled underground, where they have remained ever since. They are known as the Earth Ciakahrrs, and they believe they came here first and created the first primate. They have two massive underground caverns in Antarctica that house huge, densely populated Draco cities. When the Dracos arrived, they encountered other advanced beings such as the Anunnaki, Selosi, and Lyrans. The Galactic Federation then constructed an energetic barrier to keep external Dracos from approaching Earth. So the Earth Dracos are basically stuck in 3D. The Dark Fleet allied with these lizard beings during WWII, and they had a significant impact on the German war machine. The Nazis made a treaty with them in exchange for refuge in Antarctica bases and technology in exchange for their obedience and servitude. This resulted in the formation of the Dark Fleet, a Secret Space Program. When Admiral Byrd went down to Antarctica to finally destroy the German breakaway faction in the infamous "Operation High Jump," they encountered the Dark Fleet Germans, and the US knew right away that they were inferior to the Antarctica Alliance. They returned in silence, having suffered severe losses. "Operation Paperclip" was a project that brought German scientists to the US after WWII, and many Nazis with Draco influence ended up in positions of power in the US, corrupting the entire system. This is how the Dracos fight. Intelligent infiltration of high positions for control. We've heard about kidnappings, and these creatures are ravenous for human flesh. The Dracos are currently being escorted away from this planet by the Galactic Federation of Worlds. This is a covert operation with extremely high stakes.


From the Alpha Draconis


The Royal White Draco is a member of the Draconian Empire's upper classes. They have the appearance of a humanoid lizard walking on two feet. They stand between 18 and 24 feet tall and weigh between 1400 and 2500 punds. They can live for up to 4,100 years. They are white, beige, or dark greenish brown in scale. The upper class typically has horns, winged appendages, and a large tail, as well as golden yellow reddish to blue eyes with vertical slit pupils. The royal whites are 4th density beings who can shapeshift at will. They have muscular bodies covered in white scales that act as armor to protect them from being penetrated. They sometimes wear external armor as well. According to Alex Collier, they have two hearts, one under each armpit, and a very large liver. They are violent, and their culture encourages them to become the most vicious warriors possible. Their 6-inch long claw fingers, one of which has a talon, are one of their trademarks. They are half-lizard, half-man and have the strength of ten men. They, like most reptilians, prefer humid and warm environments. They will hibernate for extended periods of time, which is ideal for long-distance travel. They are conquerors who scoured the galaxy for other humanoid groups that evolved from reptilian life. They infiltrated wherever they found this life, mixed their DNA with it, and absorbed it into their Empire. The Royal Whites are a warlike race that has been largely defeated throughout the galaxy. Our Local Cluster is one of the few remaining places where they can live. The constellation of Orion, Rigel, and the star system known as Capella are the most densely populated areas of Draconians sub-races. They are among the most telepathic and feared in our industry. Their bodies feed on the negative energy released by beings when they experience negative emotions such as despair, anger, fear, sadness, and hatred. We call this loosh, and we are a loosh-producing machine on which they are completely reliant for survival. Corey Goode claims to have met Royale Draco in an underground base and describes him as being mentally raped. It was the worst experience he'd ever had. To satisfy their energy hunger, these Royale Dracos instigate wars and famines. They are only interested in human flesh, and sacrifice rituals are frequently performed to satisfy physical hunger and obtain Adrenochrome- A chemical substance released by the human body during extreme traumatic experiences. They enjoy deception. The only way to keep them at bay is to keep the love vibration high. They can't take it anymore. They would never invade and slaughter us because they require us as a resource. They have more tricks up their sleeves because they can travel between dimensions and cloak whenever they want. As a result, they basically control our world in a way that suits their needs. They are said to be on their way out now as a result of The Federation's assistance.

From Bellatrix, Orion


The Oonganga are a race that lives in Bellatrix, Orion, near the planet Uruud. They don't live on Uruud, but on a stationary battleship in orbit. The Ciakharr genetically engineered them, and they appear to be a mix of insectoid and grey reptiloid genetics. They are a clone warrior army with no cause other than to serve their masters. The Oonganga are currently on hold, awaiting orders from their Draco Masters.

nagaia_3 .jpg
From Alpha Draconis, inhabits to Earth


Some people believe the Nagais are descended from Sirius. In any case, they are now considered a Draco warrior class who have been living underground on Earth since Atlantean times and have a strong presence on the planet. They serve as the Royale Draco's right hand. The Dracos persuaded them to join forces in order to carry out the Ciakharr Empire's agenda when invading Earth. They are the most frequently encountered in abductions. One of their most unique abilities is the ability to shapeshift from human to reptile while keeping their eyas reptilian in appearance. The Nagai have muscular bodies with scaled skin that ranges in color from brown to green. Yellow pupils with vertical slits. They can survive for long periods of time on very little food. This will, of course, exacerbate their aggressive behavior. The Nagai use square ships that are dull gray in color.



From Alpha Draconis, now indiginous to Mars
The Tyruu are a pacifist reptilian race that arrived on Mars long before the Mars Wars. As a counterforce to all negative presence on Mars, they now form the pinnacle of the resistance movement. The Galactic Federation of worlds has trained them to defend their people from oppressors. Insectoids and wormlike creatures are indigenous species on Mars, according to super soldiers and others who claim to have served there. Draco Ciakahrrs, NEBU Orions, ICC (Earth SSP), and the Dark fleet are/were active on Mars. There are rumors that the invasive factions have been defeated, but this has yet to be confirmed by several reliable sources.


From Sculpto
They are named after the constellation Sculptor and are descended from an extinct race of reptilians. According to the book "Alien Races," they are experts at building ships and other devices required for deep space travel. They are also space travelers looking for new raw materials. They have a lifespan of up to 230 years.
From Uruud, Orion


The Indugutk are a tall white reptilian/sauroid native to Orion's Uruud Prime. With an elongated skull, it resembles the Maytra, but with a lot more wrinkles and skin folds. They appear taller than humans and to be extremely violent and aggressive. They don't have any clothes on. They are said to smell strongly of burnt Sulphur. They work with the Earth's negative factions in many countries and have numerous treaties where they trade humans and conduct mining operations using slaves. This race has no ethics. We believe they are a member of the Orion Group.

Epsilon Draco_edited.jpg

From Epsilon Draconis


Let us be clear: not all reptilian species are malicious. In the Epsilon Draconian system, the Epsilon Draco have a base in Grumuim Eltanani. They have the appearance of a classic dinosaur, but with alligator features. They are a peaceful and quiet race that feeds on insects and rodents. They have bases in South America, despite the fact that they do not interact with humans. There isn't much written about them.



From Theata Tauri

The white reptilians are large, muscular beings with a strong sense of honor and integrity. They have polarization ranging from neutral to malevolent. They are 5th density beings with a few chosen few people on Earth with whom they have telepathic contact. According to Canadian Awareness, they are proud and honorable, and they are supposedly more powerful than the Dracos. They have a large number of allies in the Bootes, Theata Tauri, Regula, and Alpha Draconis. They mostly keep to themselves and keep their agendas to themselves. They are, however, a race that values integrity and dislikes it when reptilians get a bad rap. The definition of polarity depends on the question I ask.

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