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E.T-encyclopedia & extra material

Publication Date: Apr 12, 2022

Language: English

ISBN: 9781471728556

Category: Social Science

Copyright: All Rights Reserved


Pages: 236

Binding: Paperback

Interior Color: Color

Dimensions: A4 (8.27 x 11.69 in / 210 x 297 mm)

$49 - 15% off 
E.T Encyclopedia
Photopaper and Premium color
178 pages
E.T-encyclopedia & extra material

Photopaper and Premium color
236 pages
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Who are they? What do they look like? I am happy to bring you a simple way to browse E.T races of relevance with authentic visuals and simple descriptions. These visuals are based on real intel and are aimed to portray the E.Ts as authentic as possible.

You are the tip of the spear. If you are reading this, I assume you are already aware of the ongoing visitation by extra-terrestrial on planet Earth. Ever since I found my fascination in this field, I felt something was missing. I wanted to know what was beyond the UFOs, beyond the earthly mysteries. I wanted to know more about the ET´s themselves. So, in 2020 after reading an extremely fascinating and inspiring book from Elena Danaan called "Alien Races-A gift from the Stars", I decided to embrace that task myself, as a service to my fellow humans, because we need this information out there. I am happy to bring you something that I feel has been missing for a long time. A visual library of known races that have interactions or relevance to our Solar System and their part in the whole ET scenario. I also have descriptions and explanations of how they work together and the various agendas.


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First off, there are reasons for this information to be kept secret from the public. However, a lot of the following content is known within the upper layers of the military, royal circles, political elite, industrial leaders, and religious institutions. There has come to be a consensus of some sort to keep us in the dark about the E.T presence. The reason why is very complicated but will be addressed later.  I will provide some insight into the ongoing situation.

We as humans have an urge to know if E.Ts can be trusted or distrusted by us. It’s the minority-complex we the humans suffer from, always assuming that anything unknown is superior to us.  The UFO and E.T. phenomenon is a very complex matter. It’s not a question of it is true or not. The evidence talks for itself. We have videos, pictures, testimonies from high officials and whistleblowers. Full disclosure of the UFO and E.T phenomenon is not going to happen via governmental sources, because the technology associated with the UFOs is a goldmine for the military faction.


Ever since we detonated the first nuke clear bomb, more than 70 years ago, there has been a growing presence of UFOs on planet Earth. The most important question is, who are piloting these crafts, and what do they want? Many races have been watching us closely for a long time, some for millions of years. Most of the visitors have a positive agenda, and they are far more advanced spiritually and technologically. The human-looking «Nordics» have been of great help to humanity. They have more than once stepped in to avoid nuclear war by disarming the warheads and messing with the computers. There are also a few negative E.T. races visiting us. Some of them have allied themselves with humans in key influential positions and offered them certain advantages in technology, access to other planets, and positions within the inner circles of the elite. All in exchange for them to enforce a certain agenda on earth with total obedience. These corrupt sellouts are referred to as «The Cabal», and they have created several Secret Space Programs (SSP) to utilize E.T.-technology and covertly go way off-planet using stargates, dimensional travel, and anti-gravity technology. The reason this is being kept secret is that these programs have been funded by highly illegal activities, tax money, and private corporations. In exchange, they would also allow these nefarious E.Ts to abduct humans for experiments. harvesting negative energy, human trafficking, interplanetary slave labor and food.

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You may wonder how it’s possible to know their names. Mostly it’s a name we give them based on the origins of the races. Other times its names we have called them in earlier days because it’s simply descriptive. On occasion, we have their own names provided by E.T sources. Only Information, documentation, and intel that coincide with other valid sources are basis for my conclusions and naming.

In the post Atlantic era, The Galactic federation fronted by the Elohim made an agreement with the Draco due to the dispute of earth. The decision was made to allow the Draco to join in an endeavor to create a race of humans (Homo Sapiens) that would consist of D.N.A from 22 different species:

1 Alpha Draconis - Ciakar - Reptilian

Alpha Draconis star solar system Thuban-(Anwar) Giansar, Grumium, Eltanin.


2 Vega / Lyran - Human

Small star systems which orbit Sulafat, Albireo.


3 Orion - Human / Reptilian

Small star systems that orbit Alnilam; stars named: Syclopesus, Rigel, Betelgeuse.


4 Cygnus Alpha - Human / Aquatic / Bird

Smaller star solar systems which orbit around the Central Suns: Deneb, Sadr, Gienah, Albireo.


5 Arcturians - Humanoid / Reptilian

Smaller star systems around Bootes.


6 Pleadians - Human, A-hel, and Taal

Small star solar systems which orbit Taygeta, Maia, Merope, Pleione, Alcyone.


7 Zeta Reticuli (Zeta Grey) Reptilian / Plant

Small star solar systems that orbit between that stars Achernar and Canopus.


8 Sirians - Human / Reptilian / Aquatic

Muliphen, Murzim (small sister star) stars between Wezen and Aludra.


9 Alderbaran - Human / Reptilian

Small cluster of solar systems that orbit around the star Alderbaran.


10 Andromeda - Humanoid

Many star systems that orbit Almach and Mirach Central Suns.


11 Mizarians - Human

Large star solar systems located between Alcor and Mizor.

12 Mintakains - Human / Aquatic

Orion- small stars around Central Sun.


13 Cassiopians - Insectual / Aquatic

Caph, Ruchbah, smaller stars; 19 solar systems.


14 Canes Venatici - Reptilian (Benevolent)

Triple Sun system; no name.


15 Pictorians - Animal / Human / Yeti (Sasquatch)

Double Star System near Kapteyn’s Star.


16 Antarians - Human

Solar systems lie in a binary star System that orbits the star.


17 Sagittaria - Human / Feline

Very large star systems between Nunki, Ascella, Media, and Kaus Australis.


18 Nibiruan (Annunaki) Human / Reptilian -
Bootes (Tarshem).


19 Tau Cetians - Human 
Star solar system that orbits between Menkar and Mira.


20 Capellians - Reptilian (Neutral Now)

Three star solar systems held by gravity of the Central Star Capella.


21 Procyons - Human
Single and binary star solar Systems- rich in mineral Deposits.


22 Hyades -Human

Binary star solar system near Alderbaran.






It was founded over 4.5 million years ago to prevent inter-dimensional dark forces from dominating and exploiting this galaxy. Alliance of thousands of species from this sector of the Galaxy. 




Reptillian races from the Draco star systems. They have conquered over 500 worlds and are set on galactic domination. Feared all over the universe.




A group of independent light warriors that are based in a large ship near Jupiter and fight alongside The Galactic Federation. Mostly blonde humanoids.




Consists of a mixture of reptilian, greys, and humanoid civilizations. Very much involved in all negative action, and is working closely with the Ciakahrr Empire and the Earth Cabal.




Five races that have been watching earth progress since the dawn of life. They have positive intentions and have had many meetings with humans officials.  Various types of races.




High council of 140 types of species that reside in  Andromeda. Very evolved spiritually as well as technologically. Their speciality is to dekode energies and predict timelines. They are great negotiators and masters of diplomacy. 


1.st Density:
Subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, chemicals, and minerals

2.nd Density:
Animals, fish, plants and trees. Where consciousness first experiences will, passion, drive, pain, or pleasure.

3.rd Density:
Earth Humans now + those who possess the seed of self-awareness and free will. Choice of helping others or exploiting them.

4.th Density:
Those who are between spacetime and the higher ethereal realms. Part physical part etheric. Telepathic abilities are common.

5.th Density:
Completely ethereal level of existence. Also, the afterlife. When you die, you transform to the 5th density realm.

6.th Density:  
Where individual entities who completed their personal evolution come together as a soul group in a realm outside spacetime.

7.th Density:
is “unity with the Creator” and the total dissolution of individual existence, through achievement of infinite consciousness that permeates all life and all existence. 

Various E.T Species and races - Preview
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