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"Off-world influencers - Basic E.T Races"
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Become an expert on real alien races
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Off-world influencers - Basic E.T Races.

Know the real extraterrestrial races visiting us and lay the foundation for your 5D ascension! So you feel like have had a sort of awakening to the fact that we are not alone in the universe and that there might be extraterrestrials visiting us. You try to do research, but the jungle of information out there is just overwhelming.


“If you are going through the same thing I did 15 years ago, then I would warn you about the rabbit hole. It’s a sinkhole so deep with so many misleading and authentic avenues. You want to take it all in, but let me tell you, that’s not what you really desire! You want to learn the basics first and take that knowledge and use it as a tool for personal growth while digging further. Because your mental hygiene as well as your bull shit detector must be on par as you continue your journey. The amount of misinformation and disinformation is growing day by day. You want to keep your vibration high and be able to put new information on the shelf until you can verify it and see if it fits with the basics.” Says Haakon, the Instructor of this course!

This course will change your view of the world, and discover a new dimension to your life that may be the foundation of your 5D ascension. There are many levels from here, but this is the fundamentals. During this course, you will explore the basic types and races of extraterrestrials that the instructor considers legitimate, based on high standards of evidence. The course will guide you through the various characteristics and behaviors of these extraterrestrials and provide insight into their potential influence on human history and culture.

The instructor, who has spent more than a decade researching this topic, has created a comprehensive and visually engaging course that offers a unique perspective on extraterrestrial life. Whether you are a curious beginner to the field of ufology or an experienced E.T enthusiast, this course will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to understand and appreciate the reality of extraterrestrial life. Are you ready to dive into the "Off-world influencers - Basic E.T Races"? Enroll today and become knowledgeable about your place in this world!

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